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In order to get 1st shipment you MUST agree to Autoship.

You must cancel your "autoship" within 10 days of the first shipment - or you are going to receive another shipment.

After shipping the product costs $64 for a 24 day supply!!!

I requested cancelation, and they "coincidentally" shippped the product the very next day.

They will not issue a call tag for unwanted product, you must pay to ship the product back. So they keep your $15 in p&H & then you have to pay another $15 to get rid of the product you never wanted.

There are no magic cures. This product did not improve anything in my joints. But if you still want to try it - the "active ingredients" are Glucosamine & Chondroitin - you can buy them in pill form at the store - a 60 day supply for $25 - instead of a 24 day supply for $64!!!

And the Store won't "force" you to buy it every 24 days from then on!!

Save yourself the headache

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